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Inglot x Maura - Duraline

Inglot x Maura - Duraline

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Product description:

Inglot’s Revolutionary, Unique Duraline Formula. A Waterless, Clear Liquid, when mixed with your favourite makeup product, actively improves makeup application, enhances product definition and colour, prolongs the life of your makeup and increases product payoff.

“This is a magical product. I literally use it every day to clean and intensify my winged liner. It has so many uses – I couldn’t have a collection without my favourite makeup tool!”

  • Infused with Opolymer, which promotes longevity 

  • Transforms any Powder to a Liquid, Waterproof Formula

  • Prolongs the Life of your Makeup

  • Improves Application

  • Does not Smudge

  • Dries Quickly 

  • High Product Pay Off 

  • Use alongside your Inglot X Maura Bad Ass Brows and All the Drama Eyeliner Gel for a Smooth, Sharp and Precise Finish

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